My mood diary 10. -- Love and be loved is a kind of right.While enjoys love which others give, is also paying loves others.The world is fair, nobody loses the balanced love.You, I, he, we are the same.In loves in the result, often we pay are too many, but obtains are very actually few.In love front, we appear are at a loss. It is not loses collapses completely, is wins thoroughly.The love, is one 西服kind satisfies; By loving, is one kind of happiness.Falls in love with a person, perhaps is the disaster.But when payout, mind joyous, is unable to compare.The childhood, obtains the commendation, that has not had the goal. is dissimilar. The love, will let a person think satisfies, middle will not be doping the fame and fortune, the money Enticement.The love, may pay all, does not hesitate all 結婚prices, even if does not have finally Obtains By loving, can be one kind of happiness Even if we do not love a person, also does not have the right to go not to want love.He to your payout, is not requests the repayment, he is only hoped that you are quick Happy, happy.Your joy, becomes he biggest happiness, we in love with always by love between.The question loves the pain, loves and does not 房屋貸款have the question is the joy which loves, loves the hesitation, completely, has to us brings one time is and dopes sourly from the heart, assiduous, tear happiness.Likes with not loving, is not calculation which others said that that is our matter, We are authorized to decide loves a person, But we do not have the right to request others also same to love us.cannot obtain, will have the pain, sobs, 代償our sincere payment, also treats honestly.Gives up, becoming the only export, lets is mutually happy, lets the hand loosely, is also one kind of love.Likes being very good, is liked very being also good, each person respects, loves is not easy to pay, but must know, it is satisfies happily.

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